Where to see the assigned profile in CP client ?



where is the assigned profile visible in new CP (Premium) client ?

As far as I can see it is neither listed in download list nor in the log file.


Any hint ?




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    We will improve it and add profile info to the UI.


    New profiles also have profile name in log so you can see profile name right away.

    If you only can see profile ID, you can check profile in profile editor:

    For instance, when you edit profile, your URL will be something like this: .../profiles/computer-protection/edit/2610881/generalSettings

    "2610881" is the profile ID.



  • fedoolfedool Posts: 146 F-Secure Employee



    The only place you can see it now is this log file:



    It has history of all profile changes on this machine

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    Thanks for your reply.

    However in the file I can see only lines like

    2018-01-22 20:18:21.638 [0c3c.0ce0]  I: Current profile  id=6713497 (changed 2018-01-16 12:12:19), last successful cosmos update 2018-01-20 19:32:44

    How to translate to the profile name used in PSB ?


    Sorry, but do you consider this to be an improvement over the Workstation software ?

    Why not provide this information in the client itself ?

  • PatchPanel1PatchPanel1 Posts: 25 New Member


    That's a promise Smiley Happy

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