Operating System which PSB support



1-I want to know if protection service for business support windows 7 32 bit ultimate or not ?

and if yes i'm trying to install it on this windows and it can't install so what is the problem there

2-what are all operating system which PSB support


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  • Laksh
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    Hi Nada,


    May I know which F-Secure PSB product are you referring here? If it is Computer Protection, please refer here.


    If it is PSB WKS, please refer here.


    It would be helpful to know what is the issue you have with the installation in order to troubleshoot further. Is there any error message to share? Where is the installation halting?

  • Nada-
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    I have a network which has 43 devices each device setup protection service for business workstation software and protection service for business appears on some of these devices with x mark and need the key more than one time and i insert it then it need the key again and it doesn't work



    and i setup the windows again as i think that the problem was from the windows but after i setup the windows nothing change

    So i want to know how can i solve this problem



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    Nada Ismail

  • fedool
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    Please check your Service pack number. We support:

    Microsoft Windows 7, service pack 1 (all 32-bit and 64-bit editions)


    Most likely you have Service Pack 0 and need to upgrade to Service Pack 1

  • Nada-
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    What is the meaning of the service pack and how i know which service pack on my device

    and on another pc psb was installed and it work correctly but yesterday appear x mark on the same os



    Nada Ismal

  • fedool
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    This should help: http://elmajdal.net/Win7/How_To_Check_If_Service_Pack_One_For_Windows_7_Is_Installed_Or_Not.aspx


    If you still have a problem - I can check what's wrong with the installation in logs .


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