F-Secure 13 refuse connection from scanner to pc

After update F-Secure Client from version 12.31 to 13 we can't send file from scanner to pc, the scanner show message "impossible connect to the server". Can someone help me? What's change between the version?


  • Vad
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    Hello AlessandrNava,


    Most likely this issue is caused by Firewall. We have a hotfix, which may help. Please, contact support.

    Also, next version 13.10 release is planned for 20.12.2017. It contains the fix. And you can try the Release Candidate already now.


    Best regards,


  • Thanks. When hotfix will be available for download?

  • etomcat
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    Dear Vad,


    We have an on-going Partner Technical Support case, with the same or similar Konica scanner symptoms (ID = 1452007). Please check if we may also need the hotfix, because it wasn't mentioned in the support answer?


    Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely:

    Tamas Feher, 2F 2000, Hungary.

  • Ben
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    Hi Tamas, 

    I found your request and it seem that the support agent now sent you the hotfix mentioned here. 

    Let us know if it helps resolve your problem.

  • any news? We have a lot of computer blocked and I need hotfix. Otherwise wich alternative?


  • Ben
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    Hello AlessandraNava, 

    I couldn't trace any recent support ticket with your email address. Did you already get in touch with our support? If so could you provide me with the ticket reference by private message so I can assist with it?


    Note that the fixed binaries will be available within the upcoming version 13.10 RTM (currently Release Candidate)


  • RmB
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    Hi Ben!


    I'd like to test 13.10 RC. Is it possible? 

  • Ben
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    Hi RMB,


    Yes you can test it. 

    Please get in touch with your reseller or our support to receive the installer for this RC.  

  • Ben
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    Hello all, 

    In case versions 13.10 didn't help resolve this issue, we had some reports of the following:
    Starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators update, Microsoft added a feature to automatically uninstall SMB 1.0 if it is not used for least 15 days. Many devices, like older copier/scanners, use SMB 1.0 to send scans to a share on a user's workstation.


    Either the sending device must be upgraded to use SMB 2/3 or SMB 1.0 (at least the Server part) must re-installed on the user's workstation.


    Microsoft has support articles about this that cover windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

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