VPN passthrough (PPTP) not working

Before connecting Sense to my network my Windows 10 was able to connect to a PPTP VPN server with no issues.


If I put Sense in my network the connection fails. I belive as was pointed out in another post, that the Sense blocks GRE packages and there is no way to port forward those packages.


Please provice me with a workaround how to use your device and still connect to VPN (needed for work and VPN is not under my control).


I know Freedome VPN works with Sense so there seems to be some other bug that needs to be fixed ASAP!


Looking forward to a quick  answer.





  • Same issues here. Any comments?

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    We appreciate you reporting this issue and I can assure you we are listening,


    We are not currently working on this in this development sprint as there's a few other issues we are trying to tackle that are considered higher priority, but this is in our issue pool and we'll try to look into this as soon as we can.

  • FS_SimoFS_Simo Posts: 256 Former F-Secure Employee



    The latest firmware update  2018-01-29_01 - p. is available and includes a fix that hopefully addresses your PPTP passthrough problem. Give it a shot let us know if things are working.


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