Macbook on High Sierra not compatable with F-Sec client security for MAC

following installation of "f-secure client security for mac" on a new macbook running High Sierra - installation works for some machines but fails to complete on others stating "waiting for update to start" .


checked all browser extensions are installed and rebooted.

there is no proxy or firewall involved - direct internet connection out


Any thoughts ?



  • A-Grinkevitch
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    Hello, could you please collect fsdiag and forward it to F-Secure Support.

  • Logs sent over a month ago - default response has been High sierra is not supported at this time.


    Not good enough as I have many devices on High sierra - if this is not resolved soon I will be looking at other vendors.


    High Sierra was released to the public on 25 SEPTEMBER - come on F-secure .....

  • A-Grinkevitch
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    No worries, new Client Security for Mac 13.00 is coming. Will be released in a month.

  • A-Grinkevitch
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    FYI, Client Security for Mac 13.00 is now available!

  • OP: Update

    I have upgraded policy manager to ver13, imported FSCS Mac v13 and exported the package installer. Using this I have installed the product on a macbook via usb stick but the macbook refuses to report in to the policy manager server.


    I can ping\browse the policy manager server from the macbook.


    the installer has the long complex name which includes the key - i know you cant rename the installer as this can cause problems with finding policy manager.


    Any suggestions ?

  • MJ-perComp
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    do you have any windows machine that reports correctly to PM?

    Please check the communication settings in the MAC box manually after installation.


    IIRC there was a problem with the encoding of some PM-addresses, but that should have been fixed with 12.31 (CRC was missing leading zeros in the filename).

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