F-Secure Policy Manager - Block user from creating own Firewall Rules

Hi All,


I'm facing a weird problem here, that I did solve in one of my other Installations, but this time if won't work Smiley Frustrated.

When I set up the Policy Manager and Locks all the functions so the user can't edit anything, I still see that the user are able to Open a Port. I double cheked the other installation and made sure that the settings are the same. Really, I can't spot what I've missed Smiley Frustrated!


Everything else seems to be greyed out just fine... can someone point me in the right direction here?Pic1.pngPic2.png


If I missed any info, let me know!




  • Vad
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    Hello YoinkZ,


    Try to set final flag (lock the lock) on the policy settings you are using to lock the functions.


    If this will not help, please answer few questions:

    1. What version of PM do you have?

    2. What client product(s)/version(s) do you have?

    3. Do the client which works fine, and the client which doesn't work have the same version?


    Best regards,


  • YoinkZ
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    Hi Vad,


    Thanks for getting back so Quickly. 

    I think I already did that. I've been through almost every single settings pairing with the working one and they should be identical.


    Is is possible to locate the exact lock I need to "Lock"?

    As you can see in my attached screenshots, those I think should interact with the "Opening Port" possibility are already "locked" or disallowed for changes.


    Policy Manager: 12.31.79713 - but upgraded and tried with 13.00.83038 (same result)
    Client Product: 13.31 build 105
    The clients did have the exactly same builds and Policy versions (Not anymore after the 13.00 upgrade on Policy Manager).

    his is a new installation in another invironment, so the "Clients" are not talking to the same Policy Manager (just to clearify).Pic3.pngPic4.png

  • Vad
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    I see.

    Could you, please, contact support, and provide support tool diagnostics collection (fsdiag) from working machine and from failing machine for comparing?


    Best regards,


  • YoinkZ
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    I can try, but I don't think it's an error. It's more likely just a mark somewhere :).


    But of course, will give it a go when I get a chance!

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