guest wifi - time frame

Hi, is there a schedule for the guest wifi?

I have a chinese smart lamp (yeelight), it needs the wifi password to work, but i don't want to use my normal all-access network for this device



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    Thanks for your interest and feedback. The guest wifi is on our roadmap. Unfortunately I cannot give specifics on when that feature will be available.


    Highlighting these usecases like you have helps our discussion when prioritizing our features.


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    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

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    the wifi password is not stored locally, for my convenience Smiley Wink the server is in China Smiley Very Happy


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    I still have 4 bulbs lying around Smiley Surprised

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    The guest network is currently under work, should become available in a near future update.

  • Another question: I have the confirmation from the manufacturer of one of my devices that they won‘t issues an update for the KRACK vulnerability.


    that would be another use case for a guest wifi

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    What should I say... Smiley Frustrated

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    Apologies for the delay,


    We have been steadily working on the guest network for the past couple of sprints. There's still a show stopping WIFI driver bug to kill before we are confident this feature can be released to customers.  We are working with our chipset vendor to resolve it.

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    Joining this thread... Guest wifi would be very welcomed feature. Any news on this?

  • It will be available this year, but no specific time or month has been said.

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