Sense wont connect to I pad


done all there is to do, installed app few times. Set it to factory settings, let it be after that an hour or so for updates, but no help.

has anyone ideas why?


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    With latest ios 11 And latest update of sense software I was able to do the connection to Sense, it’s up and running.

    thanks for your effort to find solution.

    Jorma Rantanen


  • Do you have the latest ios installed? And your ipad is not ipad2?

    Also you can only set up the app with one device/ios device and you don't need it for other ios devices than the one.

  • Hi


    its iPad  2 to with ios 10 ? Waiting for the latest ios 11, should it help ?



  • Ipad 2 is not supported.

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    The Legacy iPad 2 is not supported as it doesn't have Bluetooth LE, but the app should tell you so when you try running setup with it. Anything newer than that SHOULD work.


    Can you please verify the iPad model (it's visible in the back of the device in a small print)?


    We test with iPads all the time. If it's not infact iPad2 but something newer perhaps there's some setting involved which causes the problem, let's try to identify it.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

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