Still not possible to import excel - one solution which worked for me

Most people who don't previously have a password manager app use some type of office app like excel to store their passwords. My excel had over 100 passwords and I couldn't find a way to import those into KEY. It took me two hours and forty minutes of experimentation but I did the following:


- download KeePass 2 for free and create a database (you have to create a password or similar)

- arrange the excel file into five columns with column titles as follows Title, User Name, Password, URL, Notes; to be safe the file should contain no other data or sheets with data

- save the excel file as CSV file

- Import the file into KeepPass2 using Generic CSV importer; I had to replace the field separator , with a ;

- Export the data into a KeePass xml (2.x) file

- import the data into KEY


Worked perfectly for me and without the trial error it should not take that long, but it is really a shame that doing this involves downloading a competing password manager.


There was a post from someone else where one of the replies proposed another solution (don't know if that works or is safe - didn't see it until now):


such an important product and presumably such an easy fix?




  • Näsäviisas
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    TO CHRIS17

    Thanks for very interesting comment!
    You had to be an adp-expert.
    I have used a lot excel-program in reporting of book-keeping. It is very important and necessary program.
    But are these passwords the most safest as excel-file, if your computer has connection to officenet or internet?

    I don't know about KEYs development.
    Somebody else might tell us.

  • well I am not an IT guy at all - just a normal person who was trying to solve the issue Smiley Happy


    agree storing passwords in excel is probably pretty dumb but a lot of people do it- but that's history and at least now I have KEY!

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