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We have migrated  H2db database to MySQL in one of the standby server for trial. My sql and H2db database reside in the same server .i.e in C : drive  mysql and in D: drive H2db database.

Q1.         I want to know the mechanism of policy manager console from which database it operates. As I have checked policy manager console is operating with H2db database.


Q2.         What will be the use of migrating the database to mysql. In live enviroment both the database to be replicated and sync.


Q3.          There is no details documents for the Mysql database of F-secure for handling the clients.


Q4.          How to connect Policy manger console to mysql database and at another time to H2db database with same policy manager console.

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    Hi ravi12! Sorry for late reply.

    Policy Manager Server works only with one DB source. By default it is H2DB. By running migration tool you copy all current data and switch data source from H2 to MySQL. After that H2DB is not loaded by PMS and is kept as is and contains all data that was there by the migration time. Even though it is impossible to migrate data back from MySQL to H2, it is still possible to switch data source back to H2. PMS starts using H2 from the migration point, all data that was sent to PMS while it was using MySQL exists only in MySQL DB.

    Page https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#business/policy-manager/12.40/en/task_CD950B0CE7454E878F42D2B6416E1113-12.40-en contains example of fspms.db.config file configured to run with MySQL DB. If you wish to switch PMS to H2, change the config to the following:


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