1 customer with 2 or more WiFi-Networks to secure: 1 subscription ?

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How about cutomers running more than one WiFi Network ?

= 2x different WiFi @ my principal residence

+ 1x WiFi @ my weekend home


So it is clear that I would need 3 Sense boxes in total, all coupled to my customer account.

Are those boxes covered with the same subscription ?


Or will I need 2 subscriptions ?

Or even 3 ?


Thanks a lot





  • Dennis_01
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    Thanks for the fast reply

    ...but that's really not great if the limitation is due to the app itself !


    3 subscriptions make no sense to me, being the same custiomer.

    If at least it was 2 (1 for each site)...


    And I suppose that one Sense hardware is not able to manage multiple WiFi network connection ? Am I right ?

    (= at least for the principal residence)

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    SENSE has been initially implemented as a stand-alone security product that sits between your internet connection and your connected devices. Also the license activation model is currently based on the device registration and activation sequence and does not require you to create any accounts. One of the primary principles behind this design was to make the setup process of SENSE as convenient and fast as possible.


    Does your residence have multiple external connections or just separate WIFI routers hooked into one?


    You should only need one SENSE box per location, but you can extend the reach of your WIFI with extenders that run in true bridge mode (that allows SENSE to actually see the devices behind the additional access points that would be otherwise obscured by NAT). You still need a separate control device for each location.

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    That is I think the best plan for all sense updates all very soon. The future is all Wi-Fi unless you game. Then Ethernet Cable is the only way to GO :).

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