Huge number of tracking protection counter

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I just cecked the Device section in the sense app and wondering about the traf.prot. numbers.

Ipads arround 1K, no heavy websurfing

My Android Tab 100K, daily use

My Android Phone, 710k, Company Phone, daily use


My doughters (11yr) Phone Shows > 6.000.000 

- no data usage outside home wifi 

- WhatsApp, Musicaly, snapchat and 3 games installed


How can I dive deeper into this? What can create such heavy numbers? Or is this normal? Malware scan negative. 

Maybe someone has aber hint for me. 

Thanks in advance 

Regards Bert 




  • Everything has tracking in today's web.

    Some more than others, usually when the service is free there are more tracking and analytics because you or rather in this case youe daughter/daughter's data is the product which they sell foward.

    I would say all is normal since your daughter probably uses a lot more services like thay than you.

  • surfin_robby
    surfin_robby Posts: 7 New Member

    Thanks 1sk,

    Did a reinstall with Lineage OS and reduced the installed Apps . Will Monitor the numbers of tra. Prot. Via Sense App.

    Thanks once again. 



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