PM 12.40 - Clients not as up to date as the PM


  • Debian Linux 8 x64
  • PM 12.40
  • gets all the newest updates


  • 12.30 Buisness Premium
  • Win 10 / Server 2016
  • Connected to the PM
  • see the PM as Update-Server
  • check for updates with success

My problem is that the clients dont get the newest virus updates. The PM is allways up to date. The clients seem to only get the first or second update of the day. Next day they update with success, but only to _01 or _02. The PM can allready have _06.

When we used the 32-bit Debian, we didn´t had such a problem.


  • Ben
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    In order to better investigate this issue, could you open a support ticket including an fsdiag of the PM and one of the affected machines?

    It is unlikely we can figure out the root-cause of this behavior in our community.

  • etomcat
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    > Clients: 12.30 Buisness Premium on Win 10


    I think you should try to upgrade to FSAV Client Security 12.31, as it has bugfixes related to centralized management.


    Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • tgis
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    Thank you for your hint. Unfortunaly is the version on the server actualy _04 and the version the fresh updated client got is _03. I have opened a support ticket.

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