hi, currently we are analyzing fsdbupdate file i.e. regular updates of f-secure definition updates released by f-secure on stand alone PC by running CaptureBat tool  to monitor the state of a system during the execution of updates before running it on our fspm servers.Is there any better tool for the same purpose.

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    Do you expect people in the F-Secure community recommend you better tools for cracking F-Secure products? That's not legally possible.


    Reverse engineering attempts are probably not worth the effort anyhow, because the method of delivering FSAV updates will drastically change with F-Secure Policy Manager / endpoint protection version 13. It has reached beta status today and could be released in November maybe if everything goes smoothly.


    Please also consider that about 40% of F-Secure protetion strenght is lost if used in off-line mode, because the Deepguard module depends a lot on network Cloud queries to stop newly emerging threats? Isolating your system could actually make it more vulnerable in case you suffer a high-skill targeted attack.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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