Miscellaneous missing features or bugs or set up issues

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Limited/poor device management:

1- It is not possible (without a full reset reconfiguration of the Sense device) to suppress device from the list of allowed device to access the sense network (can just remove its internet access).

2- After a while not being connected, "protected" device disappear from the list of device even in the "not connected" list. So it might be dangerous to have a device that you may have "forgotten" and can be reconnected to your network without your authorization if you have sold it for example...


No remote control: it is not possible to access to sense status when outside/not connected to the wifi/LAN network.
         1- Any security related concern (even only for simple status, not router management) ?
         2- If it is possible, what is the required ADSL router firewall setting ?


It would also be good to be able to program/schedule the switch on/off of the fsense...


Wrong list/number of threats: figure indicated in the summary ("Threats blocked 1") is incoherent with the detailed list in the event log where I have 30 listed (before this number was indicated in brackets after "Threats" but any number has now disappear)


IoS device not protected on the go:  

        1- Why can you activate the application F-Sense for Android but not for IoS devices ?

        2- What kind of "protection" is then provided ? Does it involve any link to the router when outside ?


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    Thanks for your feedback,


    We will be developing more capabilities for users to manage their devices inside the SENSE network, also roaming ("remote control") of SENSE outside of your home is on our roadmap.


    In normal circumstances the devices 'disappear' from the device list after they have been offline for over 5 days, if this happens sooner it sounds like a bug, as well as your observation regarding the threat counters. We will keep an eye on those and if we can reproduce them we can implement a solution.  We appreciate you reporting them. We can also explore if there could be ways to influence how the devices list behaves through configurations in future releases.


    On the topic of turning SENSE off, unfortunately that is not possible through software because of physical limitations of the device itself. All routers (that i'm aware of) usually have a physical switch or they require disconnecting the power cable.


    There is no end-point security available for iOS because of several reasons. Firstly, apple prohibits the implementation of such features, secondly because of the closed infrastructure of the apple devices where apple controls all application distribution the iOS devices are quite safe from malicious applications by default.


    Other aspects of iOS protection are related to user privacy, in which case VPN solutions like F-Secure FREEDOME provide excellent protection when you are on the go. Obviously we recommend that solution for all iOS users. We are exploring the scope of our feature set in this space regarding SENSE, but we don't have any specifics to announce yet.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

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    Devices indeed regularly disappear after few days as you mentioned which I really think is a real weakness to be fixed asap (should not be difficult) because you don’t know the list of all devices that were authorized over time and therefore could still have access to your network later on without you willing it eventually.

    Concerning the threats they disappear except the last one from 12th of August still remaining in the summary page...

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    Blocking a device from accessing the SENSE network with a switch is a probably a good idea and I'll add it to the list of feature requests for us to discuss. I agree that you should be able to find out that the device is there in the first place by looking at the devices list, we are already planning / implementing some fixes and improvements to the way the devices list behaves.


    However, being able to isolate a device from accessing / using your network with in this scenario can be a bit of a band-aid. If it really looks like your SENSE network has been compromised (somebody has figured out your SSID / password) and there is an illicit device, probably the best way to protect your system is to change your password and that way blocking access to your local network. This can be done without resetting your system from the network configuration menu.


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    In the scenario that you described (e.g you already know for sure that your network has been compromised), I fully agree with you, you must change your SSID/pwd settings.

    My scenario, where I think you need to have visible/manageable the full list of device having ever been granted access to your network, is in case it is either temporary (or even one shot) or in case a device is sold/given away by some relatives without being sure to have properly erase/reset them.


    In another topic about threats indication that should disappear after 5 days and related logs, I just noticed something very strange/worrying (linked to latest FW updates ???).

    I indicated that the last threat dating back from early August was still indicated as 1 in the summary page, but, as no other threat was logged since then, I tried this morning to access to the same site that was logged early August, and now nothing was logged despite (i) no access was given to the site (ii) Freedome (if activated which was not the case in the test giving previous results) was also still refusing access to this site rating it as « dangerous » (which is quite questionable for me, being the site of the school of one of my children but it is another topic).

    so apparently logs are not working anymore while filtering still active ???...



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    To go further, I removed the application F-sense and reloaded it but now I cannot reset the F-sense device which does not blinked nor provide any code to resynch again with the application...

    so I am completely stuck and cannot proceed anymore.

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    I finally succeeded after a full factory reset and not just pressing the blue button as instructed in the application during the set up.

    So, instructions in the application should clearly be updated/clarified but also the process should be simplified not requiring a full factory reset each time you want to synchronize with a new device and/or updated application.

    Being also able to synchronize with 2 or 3 devices (like phone + computer and/or tablet) would be great.

    the good news is that after all these resets (appli + sense device) I was able to see again the log of filtered threat (with even this time a message page from Sense telling that site access was blocked to protect me, instead of having just a blank page.).

    So I guess some device FW updates were not compatible with previous application setup, feature and/or data logs. 


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    Thanks for reporting this. Before resetting, did you try rebooting SENSE and did that make any difference in logging events?


    Currently you can only pair once during the setup and if the app or gadget state is lost, both sides need to be reset and you need to start over. We are already working on supporting multiple administrative devices in a future update, but I don't have any specific timeframe yet to announce when it will be ready.

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    Yes, before going to full reset I did try multiple times simple reboot while pressing the blue switch as indicated in the application but without any effect.

    full factory reset was the only way out to solve the problem...

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    Sorry, I was referring to the earlier issue of events not getting logged.


    You need a reset of SENSE to pair again if your app is lost, this is by design at the moment to make sure unauthorized pairing cannot take place just by having physical proximity to your device.

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