Sense App on multiple devices

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just for clarification: So the sense app is basically free? I today bought the Sense and when installing the app on another device that's not the setup device you only choose to protect that device and the app just runs? Without checking if I actually own the Sense? Free virus protection app? :)


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    Sorry for my reply.


    I do not able to try use F-Secure SENSE Apps - but I able to think about potential points:


    --> Most likely you talk about Android Sense app?

    Because Sense app for Windows maybe required 'additional' internal steps. And Sense app for iOS is not about "virus protection";

    If I normally remember -> F-Secure SAFE or Mobile Security for Android also available with limitations (when not paid).

    Do you mean that Sense App for Android possible to download under another network (not Sense network) and use all of features? :)


    --> Maybe license/subscription/activation handled automatically (?!) from SENSE router.

    If answer for previous point - "no";


    Based on Google Play -- this is not popular trick yet (if there is trick). :)



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    yes, talking about the Android app here.

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