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I imported all information as a text file from another application. I got a lot of information as a password. How can I remove all 460 passwords.


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    Sorry, could you explain a little more?  How does this relate to F-Secure?

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    If you talk about F-Secure Key;

    And then you did import with certain text-file (?! from another supported?! password manager) -> as result -> there broken state about entries/passwords under your F-Secure KEY (?!):


    I able to suggest something like this:


    --> Do backup for your entries/credentials (which only stored under F-Secure Key);


    --> Remove your localstrorage-file;

    For Windows systems: open "List of installed software" (default steps for system) and find there string like "F-Secure Key: User Data";

    Uninstall this string. It will remove all passwords (credentials/account/entries) under your current F-Secure Key installation; And you able to start it from first;

    For Mac there available knowledgebase article.


    --> If you just want to remove certain "duplicate" or "wrong/mistake" passwords under valid localstorage for your F-Secure Key installation;

    Maybe it not possible with common meanings. Required manually (?!) or by tricks perform this (like export -> editing -> import);


    But I able to suggest contact F-Secure Support Channels:


    about potential 'broken' import feature with certain example-situation;




    // if you talk about something else.. good to clarify it (based on previous reply);

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