Can't install client security premium on workstaion although the license still available

Dear Cc team !

We have one issue relating to Installation Client Security Premium from PM, pls help to check


The license of Customer still available till 24th, Oct, 2017. Today they access PM => Installation tab => Push Installation of Client security to their computer but display the red message on "Push Installation progress" interface that: The launcher service has reported an error, Nolicense file (s) for the specifed keycode


Therefore the installation can't finish

The customer ID is: xxxxxxx

Pls help me to check, Thank you !

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,051 F-Secure Employee
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    Hello Arsjupiter,


    Possible reasons of such issue could be:

    1. Wrong keycode. Possible issues:

     - keycode for Standard version is provided for Premium installer;

     - keycode for 11.x version is provided for 12.x version;

     - keycode for PSB product is provided for CS;

     - installation with trial keycode on a machine, which already had a corporate product installed earlier.

    2. Upgrade failure. If there was an F-Secure product installed on this machine earlier, it wasn't properly uninstalled for some reason. Uninstallation tool may help in that case.


    Support tool diagnostics information from affected machine can show the exact reason. Please, provide it to support, if you didn't do that yet.


    Best regards,


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