New major update planned?

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is any new major update with new features planned in the near future?

Right now am thinking about expanding Key Premium but I am still missing some feautures like:

  • 2-FA-Authentication, authentication with hardware-based security key (e.g. YubiKey)
  • 'Bio-Verification' on Windows devices (Fingerprint-LogIn, Windows Hello)
  • Support for more browser, e.g. Edge-Browser extension
  • Password-sharing across different accounts (e.g. between family members)
  • Autofill for iOS devices
  • small file storage to upload an encrypt files like insurance cards, ....
  • database of already leaked passwords?

Anything in the works?

Would appreciate a response.




  • Ukko
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    @Laksh wrote:

    Hi Vetraci,


    Our KEY team informed that there is no major update planned as of now.

    Regarding one of your features, we already take into account leaked password databases when calculating password strength.



    Sorry for my ask. Smiley Sad


    Does F-Secure Key not use all of available leaked passwords databases/src? And how it work (for example, does it work with disabled network?!);


    Maybe this is normal (because it can be too much large database), but with my experience about latest F-Secure KEY: 'leaked' password marked as "Strong" under Status-page;

    Such password-example -> public available (with meanings -> it published under many of different pages and indexed by most of search engines too); So, most likely it should be under leaked password databases (since this is probably part-dump of such database); And does F-Secure Key provide specific status about "leaked" password (or just marked it as not strong)?



  • Vetraci
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    Sad to hear there is nothing planned for the near future.

    Thanks for your honest reply. 

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