F-Secure client security premium auto uninstalled - pls help to check

Hi Cc team !

i have created the ticket number xxxxx but haven't received the feedback from tech team yet, the issue is we are using F-Secure Client security premium normally but at Friday when we start computer, we saw that F-Secure has been auto uninstalled from our computer that we don't have any idea


pls help to check and feedback, i already submit the log files in the request ticket

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    I would guess that Microsoft Corp. is waging war on anti-virus companies to push its own Windows Defender suite. Especially in case of Windows 10 computers receiving the "RedStone2" (Creators Update) service pack, the disabling or unwanted removal of various 3rd party infosecurity software can occur and needs re-installation after the act.


    A russian antivirus company already raised complaints regarding these problems with the EU and German consumer protection authorities and last Friday there was news that they quickly reached an out-of-court settlement with M$ to remedy the problem, so maybe the above mentioned issue won't bother AV companies for long.


    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


  • Hi !

    Are there anyone help me in this case ?


    Pls update to me asap

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    Hi Arsjupiter,


    I checked the ticket and we can see from our side that the support team has been in touch with you for further troubleshooting.

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