F-Secure SENSE "Subscription Expired"

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At about 8:10 BST (London time), my SENSE iPhone application warned me of unprotected devices in my home network and the need to install F-Secure SAFE on those devices.


About 5 minutes later the SENSE application on my iPhone switched to displaying a "Subscription expired" notice, with the previous "unprotected device warnings vanishing".


Checking the "Subscription" on my device I found that it displays "EXPIRED Valid until 24 Jun 2017", which should be the start date of the service, not the end date. There should be 1 year subscription included in the purchase.


If I had not been using the SENSE application on my phone at the time this happened I would have missed this event altogether.


- Could we have email and in-app notifications of license EXPIRED events, whether they are correct or not?

- Presumably I have no protection? 


Does anyone know when this will be fixed?


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