F-Secure Key makes Visual Studio Code freezing and unresponsive



I faced a strange problem with F-Secure Key. Whenever it is open and running in the background, I can't use VS Code. I noticed it happening for different versions of VS Code starting from approximately April. Also, my F-Secure key was automatically updated during that time but the issue didn't disappear. Now its version is 4.5.112.


Also, I notice quite a high CPU load when KEY is open (15-20%) and what is even more confusing - KEY is leading the table of I/O reads among all applications (Performance Monitor -> Details -> Column I/O Reads). for example, right now it is the first process by this measure with 1 317 283 I/O reads, ahead of having as much as next two challengers together - Chorme.exe, Slack.exe.


My theory is that KEY misinterprets VSCode tabs as one big auto-fill field and constantly parses it causing enormous loads for the system.


I'm running windows 10 Enterprise 1703 x64.

CPU: Intel i7 5600U, 2.6 GHz

RAM: 16 GB 


Thanks for your help!



  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user;


    Your experience most likely indeed based on "autofill"-feature (or directly "System autofill"); Probably there also was topic about "Visual Studio and Key" (but I did not find it briefly?!);

    I not sure about any workarounds or fix-steps (except "disable" system autofill option - if it not disabled yet); Or 'Close' (Quit) F-Secure Key - when not expected to use it soon;


    One of recent topics about related concern (where also was some unofficial meanings/suggestions):



    // Also - latest build of Key for Windows is 4.6.107 (probably); You able to download it and re-check if there any changes. But most likely.... situation will be with previous view;




  • doshch
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    Thank you for your answer!


    Do you know if it is possible to exclude this particular application from the autofill?

  • Ukko
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    @doshch wrote:

    Thank you for your answer!


    Do you know if it is possible to exclude this particular application from the autofill?



    I able to think that - not possible (at least, with common steps);


    Maybe because F-Secure Key do not "detect" certain application for 'system autofill';

    But if this is technically possible -> I not sure why F-Secure Key do not "disable" autofill for Visual Studio Code by default (because... most likely... not expected that we have to use autofill feature under this software -- but maybe required login at first?! or with certain editions);


    But if your situation indeed based only on "System autofill" option:

    "system autofill" will provide ability to use shortcut "CTRL+F2" (and fill credentials under text-forms; or with additional "CTRL+entry" for password-only; "SHIFT+entry" for login-name-only); And ability to use autofill under system applications (for example, it can be Steam or something like this); Maybe useful for Internet Explorer (Key extension is not provided);

    If you do not use it often -> maybe it possible to disable only "system autofill" and use F-Secure Key on-demand for such situations (like "copy" from list and add under application) - since it also will be more secure and 'friendly';

    Also maybe good to try use F-Secure Support Channel:


    Chat (?!) with Key-based ask. Because -> maybe they able to create any fix/investigation about such situation. Why it freezes; does it should be like this... what if there is available any workarounds; Or even more -> add certain options (like exclude certain applications from autofill);




  • Laksh
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    Hi doshch,


    Based on your post, this seems very similar to the issue shared here. It was recommended to disable the system autofill feature.

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