Computer Protection updater cannot send update request to client



I have just installed Computer Protection instead of Workstation Security. Everything went smoothly, except when I select any updates for any of the clients, I got an error message on a red background, that sending the update request was unsuccessful.


One of the machines is a laptop, the other is a desktop, both run Windows 10 1703 64-bit with the latest patch (201707), Panda Fusion was installed previously.


Do you have any idea what is it and how it can be fixed?


Rgrds - M. Gy.


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  • Same here, With a Laptop with win7Pro ( 6.1.7601 )


  • What I have observed is the following:

    1. When the device is selected in the device list by the checkbox before its name, and then the software update is requested from the black button area on the bottom of the screen, the request succeeds.

    2. When a device is opened by clicking on its name, then the security updates is clicked, then the blue "Select updates and deploy" button is clicked, the update requests sent this way are failed.

    So we have a workaround...

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Our developers have managed to reproduce this same issue on some environments and we are currently investigating what the root cause is. I'll post feedback as soon as I have more information.



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    We have a fix ready, but getting it out requires restarting the PSB portal so it will be done to European services tonight (Americas and Asia are already fixed).

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    Good day,


    We have many issues and bugs to report on "Computer Protection", what is the appropriate channel for doing so? Here? Via email to support? Online Chat?



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    Thanks for taking the time to test the client. I'm not aware of an official channel dedicated to Computer Protection, so if it's ok with you I suggest to use the feedback functionality in the portal (on the left side navigation panel). It will go to the correct parties and we can see your account based on it making it easy to find the devices. Posting here is fine as well, but can make it harder for people to get back in touch in case somebody wants to discuss the issues.

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