Lost ALL my devices!?

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I have lost ALL my devices on my configuring device, waited a few days but nothing happens. Once I had 17 devices, configured them all, got a few blocked threats (7) and at some point the devices dissapeared (the threat counter stayed at "7"). So I deleted the App data, but through this I lost the possibility as configuring device...
Dear F-Secure SENSE-Team, how can I resolve this issue without setup the whole SENSE network again?


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    Currently the only way is to soft/hard reset sense and start from the beginning.

    It might change if F-Secure allows/implements configuration from multiple devices, but they haven't promised to implement such feature.

    Also your devices might dissappapear from the Sense if your DHCP lease time is like just one day and your devices aren't ON/connected 24/7.


    Here are also official responds related on your issue (from other topics/posts):



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    I also occasionally see all the devices vanish from the SENSE Application, which I resolve by switching the SENSE router off, wait 1 minute, then back on again. After a few minutes the devices are rediscovered and all is back to normal.

  • Well when you start the app, it might take like 15secs before it shows the current data or it will show cached data if you are not connected to Sense wlan. At least this kind behavior is experienced on the android version.

    But in this thread the issue is that he cleared the app data, which means he needs to reset the sense and start from the beginning. Of course if he uses the same wlan ssid and password all devices will automatically reconnect to the network.


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