Turn off autofill key (Ctrl+F2) on Windows



Is there a possibility to completly turn off Ctrl+F2 key detection on Windows. The problem is that Total Commander binds a function to Ctrl+F2 which I'd like to use frequently, and don't want to rebind it in TC, because I'm not using FS KEY autofill feature for desktop applications.

I tried to switch off system autofill in KEY settings, and that resulted KEY not bring popup, but catches the CTRL+F2 keypress later on, and does not pass it to Total Commander.


OS: Win10


Thanks, Dave



  • Ukko
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    Just as feedback:


    --> I also repeated such situation with my system (Windows 10 64bit, Total Commander latest?!, F-Secure Key latest?!);


    I also turn off "Browser autofill" (additionally to system autofill option); Also enough just launch Key with lock-status; Not sure about common and designed possibilities to turn off CTRL+F2 under Key;


    Maybe you able try to contact F-Secure Support Channels (chat?!):



    And transfer information to them (because chat-form have "Key" as solution for ask); Or maybe it will be handled from this topic by Community Managers (or Key Teams directly);


    I not sure about such situation (I able to expect that if there is disabled autofill features -> "shortkeys" can be not reserved already - but they still reserved);



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