Can´t setup app on iPhone

I have set ut my network with an iPhone, and that works.

But when I try to setup the Sense app on other iPhone´s and iPad´s,to protect it, it´s not possible. I only got the message to setup a new network, not start the Sense app so it protects the phone. (see picture) 

I have tried to set it up on an Android phone, and that works. Any tips? 

Br Roger



  • As Ukko pointed out with many other things the short answer is:

    Sense app on iOS devices doesn't protect them(=iPhone/iPad) in any way, the app is only used for configuring the Sense device.

    And also you can configure the Sense with only one iOS device, the one which you used to set it up.

  • LordR
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    Thanks for the replys. 

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