Swann cctv system not found on iPhone after installing SENSE

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Before installing SENSE, I could control my Swann cctv system and view video feeds from all cameras on my iPhone.


Since installing SENSE, this is no longer the case.


There is a comprehensive array of network settings that I can adjust in the Swann network settings page, but I do not know what these are or how they should be set such that I can regain remote functionality with my iPhone.


Can anyone assist and educate, please?


  • Unknown

    Well I would guess that you have to setup the system like you did it when you first got them.

    Without exact model, device info and screenshots from the settings it is pretty impossible to help you.

    But I would guess that you need to change the network settings to match Sense's subnet or change the Sense's lan subnet to match theirs.


    For example if you cctv network settings show different subnet than, which is Sense' default subnet, then that's the problem.


    So in order to help more, please tell or post screenshots of the cctv and sense network settings.

  • fantasticPhil
    fantasticPhil Posts: 3 Observer

    OK, thank you for replying.

    Here is some further information:


    Model: Swann NVR8-7400

    Net status: Local DHCP

    IP Address:

    Subnet mask:

    Default gateway:

    Preferred DNS Srvr:

    Alternate DNS Srvr:

    Auto DNS: On

    MAC Address: EC:71Smiley Very HappyB:9B:90:C9

    DDNS: Off

    NTP Server: pool.ntp.org

    NTP Port: 123

    Server Port: 9000

    HTTP Port: 85


    Those are the current settings for the Swann NVR.


    The iPhone app then searches for the NVR but fails to log in, presumably because the SENSE is doing its job....

  • Unknown

    Okay, so it is on the same network.

    Have you tried if it works if you temporarily disable each of the sense protections? Maybe one of them blocks the connection?

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