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Hi there, we have a locked down enviroment for certian computers, and they all say Security Cloud: Network Status Disconnected,


I was wondering what firewall rules I need to open in PM to allow the clients to connect to security cloud.

Below is out current Firewall rules for those secure machines.


Many thanks

Disco.pngCurrent Firewall RulesDisco1.pngSecurity Cloud notification


  • MJ-perComp
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    check her for details on how and which servers you want to connect to:

    http and https must be possible, a http-Proxy in between is OK, but must be configured in PM.

    Usually the local F-Secure Firewalls in F-Secure do not need to be configured as outbound traffic is always allowed.

    Rules with "domains" are not supported by F-Secure Firewall.


  • NateUH
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    Hi thanks both, that was helpful!

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