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Hi there, we have a locked down enviroment for certian computers, and they all say Security Cloud: Network Status Disconnected,


I was wondering what firewall rules I need to open in PM to allow the clients to connect to security cloud.

Below is out current Firewall rules for those secure machines.


Many thanks

Disco.pngCurrent Firewall RulesDisco1.pngSecurity Cloud notification

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    As far as I know, the F-Secure Internet Shield firewall module has an invisible, factory built-in rule to always allow traffic to / from the policy managment server and the ORSP cloud, so that they cannot be blocked out accidentally.


    If a customer really wants to turn off cloud-based reputation lookups (and accepts the corresponding 33-40% decline in detection efficiency against newly emerging malware!) than he can do so under the

    F-Secure / F-Secure Security Cloud Client 1.15 / Settings / Participate in the cloud = NO and Client is Enabled = NO settings, found within the F-Secure Policy Manager Console, rather than abusing the personal firewall module.


    Because of the above circumstances, I think the traffic blocking may happen in a gateway-level firewall at the customer's site, if they indeed operate a "locked down enviroment".


    Best regards: Tamas Feher.



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