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Is there a way to disable the autostart of Key? When ever I remove it from the startup sequence, Key will reset this the next time it is started. I have the silly habit to only start applications on bootup I need all the time, which does not apply to Key on this slow laptop...





Win7 Enterprise SP1 with latest F-Secure Key version 4.5.107


Premium and sync'd with multiple iOS and MacOS devices


  • Ukko
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    I'm also only F-Secure user; Sorry for my reply.


    There was such topic:


    Where I also added some of my own suggestions and experience; and also about potential workaround (latest reply);

    I did not check with recent F-Secure KEY builds (and Windows 7);

    Also good if there will be official attention by F-Secure Key team;

    About potential designed steps (if available there) or certain feature.

  • Laksh
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    Hi Psio,


    As Ukko has quoted the other post, I have again brought this to the attention of the KEY team.

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