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I have been using F-Secure Key for couple of months, have and have really liked to product. But one thing that has been wondering me is related to the version (i.e. software version, e.g. 4.5.116) of the desktop applications (for Windows and MacOs). I have been unable to find any changelogs, history or information about the different/available/current versions.


It seems that there is no auto-update in the desktop software itself (or at least I have not found any mention of this). So my question is: is there any way to know if I am using the latest version, other than to download the installer and do a re-installation? Also, changelog about new features/bug fixes would also be most welcome.


This is not an issue for Android/iOS applications, as they are automatically updated through Google Play/Appstore.



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    Sorry for my reply.


    at least, for Windows (and previously):

    F-Secure Key should inform you about "Available updates" (with 'link' to installer) with first opening UI.

    Mainly there is not clear about "how outdated Key should be for getting such prompt";


    -- maybe it does not work as expected;

    -- there some limitations;


    "Autoupdating channel for Windows" previously was marked as potential trouble (security some meanings); Maybe based on points that it not always required; It was there and maybe already can be not actual;




    -- changelogs;
    -- potentially planned features;

    -- more friendly steps for getting "latest available build number" information;


    Indeed required;

    I able to think that most of Key updates can be marked under "changelogs" with not enough description and just common words (including "fix bugs", "improve performance", "update libraries"). So anyway will be not useful; and this is a reason of current design;

    But if there is large changes - it noted by some of steps (?!); Or some information comes with answers under community:


    Good if there will be official response!



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