F-Secure Manager Antivirus Database update failed



I have a F-Secure manager on a dedicated Windows 2003 virtual machine.

Since 17. July it can't install F-Secure Aquarius updates. I tried to download

But the other updates are working.


I downloaded current "fsdbupdate9.exe" and execute it. It says "Successfully installed latest updates". But in the F-Secure Manager console it says the virus definitions are from the 17. July.


What can be the reason?




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  • VadVad Posts: 1,051 F-Secure Employee
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    Hello Stefan,


    I guess, you mean F-Secure Policy Manager? What version do you have?

    You can start from some simple things:

    - Check free disk space (should be 2-3Gb at least).

    - Restart the server.

    - Run fsaua reset tool.

    If this will not help, please, contact support. We will need diagnostics information from your server for analysis.


    Best regards,



  • stefan3stefan3 Posts: 5

    Hello Vad,


    Yes, you are right I have the F-Secure Policy manager 12.31.


    There is enough disk space.And I restarted the server several times.

    The faua reset tool helped. (I didn't know about it before.) After a restart he installed the updates. And it looks good now.


    Thanks for your help


  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098 Superuser

    @stefan3 wrote:

    The faua reset tool helped. (I didn't know about it before.)

    And I would prefer if it never existed for public download, but R&D would have found the root cause.



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