Instllation f-secure using file jar

Hi, I need to install f-secure by using a jar file, but unfortunately I have a task does not export it to any other file how to do it?

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    You can not install a the public JAR to your local computer.
    Import the JAR to Policy Manager, then export it to either MSI or JAR.

    after copying the export to the target system
    If JAR: use Ilaunchr.exe <exported>.jar to install an exported JAR-File.

    If MSI: doubleclick the MSI.



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    Hi Tyczyn,


    Which F-Secure product are you referring to?

  • TyczynTyczyn Posts: 13

    Sorry my mistake. F-Secure Client Seciurity. i have file fscspr-12.31.105.jar on Windows  7 and must install this on my software without exported this file on exe. I have too F-Secure Policy Manager on my Windows 2008 R2.

  • TyczynTyczyn Posts: 13

    Thank you very much. I wanted to check different types of installation. I close the topic, i unpacked the jar file, extracted the key and installed it.

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