Twitch chat, intermittent unable to connect

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First of all, not sure this is because of Sense.


Anyway I've been watching Twitch a lot since getting my Sense up and running.

I've noticed that the Twitch chat is constantly saying "Sorry, we were unable to connect to chat. Reconnecting in 2 seconds.".


I don't remember this happening some time back. Since I've had Sense for some 3+ weeks it's hard to remember.

Also, today I watched Twitch at work for hours and didn't happen there either. Back at home now, and Twitch is saying the same thing over and over. Same browser in both places, i.e. Chrome.


Just seems like too much of a coincidence.

Although I have found references of this via Google that go quite far back. It's just that at work I was not seeing this within the same day.
I haven't had any other connection issues in other service and/or software.


I did just ask the chat were there actually messages missed between the errors, and there was not. So it seems like the chat simply thinks there is a connection problem.


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    Ok, well thanks for the update.

    Guess it's something else! Very peculiar.


    Just thought it might've been a SENSE thing, since it's the only thing (afaik) that has changed on my home network.

    At work with the same Twitch login and same browser (same Google account as well, i.e. same extensions) I have no issues.


    Tracking protection I do not even have enabled iirc, only browsing proctection.


    One note I forgot to mention, I am still running SAFE at home where the SENSE network is. SAFE at work as well, but no SENSE here.

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