How to temporary disable auto scan of removable drives



We're using Server Security 12.11 b. 103 on our MS Server 2008 R2 Standard.

We have 2 sets of external backup drives and rotate them once a week.


Every time I re-attach different backup drive, F-secure starts scanning it, consuming server's resources - RAM and CPU which are needed for other applications.


Is there any way to exclude external backup drives from automatic scanning when they are re-attached?




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  • inikolic
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    Hello Vad,


    Thank you very much for the reply.


    I noticed that my backup drives aren't assigned with drive letters, so F-Secure cannot see them as objects.


    I'll assign drive letter and set up entire disk as excluded object.


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  • MJ-perComp
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    F-Secure does only  scan MBR of a removable device. Files will only get scanned when you access them.
    This (useless) kind of opeation (only allow access to the drive if fully scanned) has to be done by a windows add-on


    Assigning a drive letter will not help, if the drive is accessed without using Drive letters.
    explains why.



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    Thank you very much MJ-perComp for the insightful article.


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