Restore master password in Key from printed image

I've (stupidly) forgotten my master password for F-Secure Key on my desktop. I have the recovery image I created originally but it is printed, not an image file. I photographed the image and saved it as a file to my desktop, but the recovery process doesn't recognise it when I select it as the recovery image.

I scanned the recovery image with a QR code reader and it produces a long alphanumeric string but I don't know if I can use this to restore my password.

Please help me restore my master password. Thank you


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    Sorry for my reply.


    I scanned the recovery image with a QR code reader and it produces a long alphanumeric string but I don't know if I can use this to restore my password.


    Most likely you able to use it as "restore your password", but required to use this 'text' as QR-Code.


    I have experience about 'related situation' (but with small "difference" - so.. not sure about this certain situation, but you able to try it --> because with my situation it was helpful);



  • Thank you very much for replying!

    Are you suggesting I use the long alphanumeric string as the code to restore my password. If you've got experience that it works I'll try it, but its a very long string - about 290 characters!

    Thanks for your help!


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    My experience with small difference. And also not really this "text"-string as "input" (but you able to use this "text"-string for ability get this as QR-Code);




    Since -> you used "QR Code Reader" (as application under Android?! iOS? Windows Phone or so).

    But I used "decode"-service as website under my browser;


    I able to think that "QR Code Reader" and "Decode QR Code" work with one result -> with situation about Key-recovery - it will be long string (?! as hash or so);

    And if you have this "hash"-string - mainly you able to re-use it for creating "QR-Code" for this text. And get "QR-Code" as .png-file (also possible to use "website"-online service for this);





    // at least -> if you mean that your experience only about one device (or you did not back up for your passwords/entries) -- it can be useful to try such workaround;

    If you have "synced devices (where recovery code placed under device as picture) -- you able to restore it there;

    Or if you have "back up for your entries/passwords" (as export-text-file) -- and there is not "Premium"-Key ---> you able just re-install Key and "import credentials back";


    Since - I not sure if there any official recommendation about situation... when you have Recovery Code - but it printed (and when you "photographed" it -> Key not accept it); But what Key said about your try (doesn't recognise means that "Key noted that there is not recovery code created by Key" or "Key noted that file too large" or something else?);





  • Hi Ukko,
    Thank you. now I understand!
    Yes my code looked like yours dis and what a good idea to regenerate it as an image!
    Do you know what image file format the F-secure recovery process looks for? Is it jpeg or something else?
    Thanks again. Very helpful.

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    By default - Key created ".png"-file;

    My experience (and suggestion) was about .png-file;


    And I did not try any other formats; There just requirements:


    --> certain file-size;

    --> QR Code used under device, where it created (mainly this is with "limitation"-point); And there is still this "masterpassword";


    There was such topic:


    Where "recovery-code" not accepted as .jpeg (from scan of printed QR Code), but recognized with .png;

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