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Just set up my first password  and followed your post for details and got extension installed ok. Copied extension authorization and went to Firefox to paste authorization code and nothinh pasted. Reset everything and tried again unsuccessfully. Any ideas?

Henry Vines

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    --> By "text editor " I meant "from Notepad";

     Like this: after "copy and paste the authorization code to Notepad" --> you able to copy it (under Notepad) as re-copy and try to paste under the browser's Key logo from toolbar-panel;


    --> I tried with two of my Windows systems and there probably can be normal view.

    I did next steps:


    - Copied "authorization code" (by "Copy"-button under F-Secure Key UI);

    - Opened "F-Secure KEY autofill logo" (under toolbar of browser) and got the "prompt-words and field" for inserting the authorization code;

    - Under text-area field I choosed "Ctrl+V" as paste authorization code; Then - OK and Key-logo start to work;


    Potentially there can be "temporary" clipboard-time (so between steps there expected small delay); And KEY should not be locked (probably);

    If it will be still with troublestuck:


    -- maybe someone else able to suggest something; OR maybe with workdays will be normal official response from F-Secure staff;

    -- as additional workaround for autofill - there possible to use "system autofill"; As result - it will be possible to choose "Ctrl+F2" -> then entry from list and fill the form (or only "password" by "Ctrl+Entry-title");

     -- also maybe you able to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example) when it will be available:

    Since under community there was topic with such troublemeanings, but probable not sorted by some visible advice;


    Sorry for my reply.




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    Copied extension authorization and went to Firefox to paste authorization code and nothinh pasted.



    If by "Copied extension authorization" you mean the "authorization code" (like 'hash')... maybe you able to re-check some things:


    --> When you choose "Copy"-button under F-Secure KEY UI (Settings -> General -> bottom of Autofill options with enabled 'browser autofill') does it possible to add it under "notepad" (as example)?

    As re-check - "Does the copy-action work there";

    If it works:


    --> Does there possible try to "copy it from text-editor" (after previous check) and add under browser?

    If not -> does there any other addons/extension installed under Firefox as potential "blocker" for this action?

    Also maybe good to re-check that there is latest builds of Key and Firefox installed (maybe not related; but as potential reason of strange situations);



  • WoodeyeWoodeye Posts: 4

    Thank you for the suggestions. I was able to copy and paste the authorization code to Notepad, but was still unable to paste it from there to the browser (KEY autofill icon dropdown). Afraid I don't know how to do the text editor idea. Have refreshed every thing, browser and KEY versions are current and there are no security blocks on. May just haqve to skip Autofill and do manually instead.

  • WoodeyeWoodeye Posts: 4

    Success!!! Your combo of copy to notepad then copy to Key icon on browser using Ctrl-V paste option worked perfectly. Thanks so much.

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