Not possible to set up the app on a second device

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Setup of the application on a second device does not work as the sense does blink anymore when pressing the blue bottom which prevent the ne device from pairing with the sense.



  • inffy
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    SEnse allows the controlling only from one device (the one that was used when the first configuration was done).

  • leppenraub
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    I had trouble in showing devices on my configuring device, so I tried to delete the app files. Now I cant login into my Sense-Network as configuring device anymore. Setting up the whole Sense-Network is NOT an option - how can I setup my configuration device in an existing (!) SENSE- network again?

  • You cannot. Only option is to soft or hard reset the sense.

    If you use the same wlan name and password, the devices will reconnect automatically.

  • leppenraub
    leppenraub Posts: 14 Observer

    But I think the whole statistics and logs are reset and clients get new addresses by DHCP...!? That's worse...

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