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Hello Everyone,


We have been seeing a lot of feedbacks regarding SENSE features in the SENSE board. You may suggest new features here in this thread.



Thank you for all your feedbacks and contributions.


There is a permanent post describing product updates here:



  • F6
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    - a fonctionnal Android App, like the IOS one


    <edit> I agree to the previous and the following post

  • All the above features are good to have, but personally i think these are most important and absence of these is really disappointing:


    1. Controlling the Sense settings without mobile phone app!

     - I mean how stupid is to delay features and options because of app development if you could just have a webportal access like any other router. What was the reason for this implementation? I really want to know!

    2. Port fowarding on android app.

    3. Browsing protection website whitelisting.

    - I cannot understand how this is missing? It's a feature in all other F-Secure products and I know from my experience from home products like Safe and from Policymanager and PSB business products, that you cannot even deploy such a feature without the option for whitelisting..


    I really expected more from F-Secure and even more since the Sense release was delayed many times, because you said that it was not ready! Well it still is not! 

  • F6
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    Wake on Lan  feature for registered devices

  • FS_Simo
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    Thanks all for being early customers, for your contributions and for continuing active feedback.


    I've asked our community manager @Laksh to PIN this (or create an official feature request thread) so that all future requests can be collected in to one place. We are also working to update FAQ's and adding some troubleshooting help for issues that have surfaced after release. Hopefully we can address many of your questions then.


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

    [Deleted User]
  • Ukko
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    Only as additional feature-request to collection:


    from 'Feature Request'-board; created by @PeterHolt ;

  • F6
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    Not allowing colliding subnets on Wan and Lan interfaces (simple configuration checking)

  • weetabix1
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    Some minor Android -app "fixes" which are quite fast to implement:


    Event log should collate events under one mac -address/device. Now Amazon Fire TV is spamming the list (new device between 7-12 minutes) and those should all go under one device (or if not allways, the new device event at least).


    There could be Linux PC in device list or at least PC (other) so that i don't have to choose windows PC or mac and have a place for RaspBerry PC also.

  • _Stefan_
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    I miss an option to switch between a standard DNS and F-Secure DNS or alternative DNS, such as OpenDNS for more privacy. Currently I use OpenDNS, so I can see a statistics of the web usage and simply block unwanted domains by mouse click.


    Some devices connect to the manufacturer without the user's consent. I would also like to prevent this.


  • D-Fens2
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    the iOS App removes unused devices after some time, why?

  • So if you just put opendns ip address on the dns server in the sense's network configuration, it does not work?

    Like (googledns) instead of

    Cannot personally try this since i am having some issues with my Sense.

    Also you could use something like Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi for dns server. (requires an extra device)

  • RavC
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    - Sense Android app to have to ability to import/export settings and device names ... _ don't want to do a soft/hard reset on my Sense and lose my named devices ... it's taken me a while to type in meaningful names for my devices by manually checking their MAC addresses individually.


    - A website whitelisting feature would be a welcome bonus ... currently my Sense blocks a valid subscriber download on my account. The only way round this is by stopping browsing protection temporarily.


    - As others have stated, need some form of logging report facility as to what Sense is blocking, abnormal traffic etc ... current information on logging using Sense App is a bit basic for my liking.


    Other than that I'm happy with the device.

  • macrom
    macrom Posts: 3 Observer

    -VPN in and out, a safe way for accessing home devices. 2-way authentication on connections from Internet to home network with Sense app for VPN. This would be so great...


    -Multiple WLAN subnet configuration, separate network for DMZ stuff and internal. Now there's two nets, but one is 2,4ghz and the other one is 5ghz. I need multiple 2,4ghz to solve my problems. Of course I can add a wifi router behind Sense. If the upper one can't be done, then this...




  • RavC
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    With reference to this post, it would be good to have usb functionality working on Sense for those who want to connect USB hard drives (Media server) to Sense. For now, I'll connect my USB drive directly to my PC ...

  • _UrsusCatulus_
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    Option to set up an Network Printserver for printer attached to the USB port would be nice.

  • Option to turn off of certain wifi or all. For example if I do not need 2.4ghz, I can turn it off.

    This of course requires the sense to be able to be configured from pc which is connected to LAN port like any other router.


  • I think we all would like that F-Secure personel would comment on each different feature request, if you are going to implement it.


    1. Already developing it.

    2. Planned.

    3. Will, but not yet planned.

    4. Not going to be implemented due x reason.


    And also any eta and roadmaps would be nice, since we are talking about a product that has a monthly subscription.

  • JOnes
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    -Possibility to schedule firmware updates(router,security) to nonactive hours

  • FS_Simo
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    This is a bug in our device discovery, we hope that the latest firmware released earlier today stops those duplicate devices from appearing. Please let us know if this is not the case. I'll add a note to UX about missing device types in the list.

  • Option to gracefully shutdown and restart the Sense compared to now when you just unplug power cord from it/or from the wall.

  • JOnes
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    Option to allocate dynamically dns  local names(sense dns suffix) to devices discovered by sense and option to add/edit  them manually afterwards

  • _UrsusCatulus_
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    @JOnes wrote:

    Option to allocate dynamically dns  local names(sense dns suffix) to devices discovered by sense and option to add/edit  them manually afterwards

    First off my knowledge of how dns and all that works is not comlete in any way.

    Would love an expansion to this (if possible), unless this is what you are describing.


    The posibility to set DynDNS address (translation) to local devices so that device, and only that device, is accessed through that external address. I don't know if it is possible to do this easily, or at all...

    Note: SENSE don't have to assign/update thiese DynDNS (talk to the dyndns service) the local device can update it on it's own. Only wish there was an option to set the dyndns address that should be associated with the local device.


    ex (access to Synology NAS):

    SomeOne.dyndns.tld:5000 -> LocalA:5000

    OtherOne.dyndns.tld:5000 -> LocalB:5000

  • Joukahainen
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    Having possibility to run Sense in bridge mode would be great. More advanced users/hobbyists usually have firewall and multiple segments behind that allready in place, and bridge functionality  might be usable for gamers also.

    For example in my case lack of bridge mode makes using Sense quite limited. I would like to place Sense in front of the FW, to be the next device after the cable modem (and let the FW handle the NAT and port forwarding functionalities).

  • Platypus
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    The Sense subscription should include F-Secure Safe and Freedome subscriptions until Sense's own software has similar features. 

  • 1sknew
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    Option to change wifi channels manually.

    Option to have totally different wlan names for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


    (as requested on the finnish forum side: )

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