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I've got an issue with the installation of Sense.

I was able to connect to Sense, and got info that Sense needed to update. After the update, Sense is then stuck on the update symbol (several minutes) and the app says the update was not completed successfully. I then I took the power on it. It then comes up with the symbol that update is OK (action completed) on the Sense box, but the app wants to pair. This is not possible. 

Tried this twice. Any suggestions how to move on???



  • F6
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    If you have an Android device, try to erase datas for the app. This solved for me.

    You'll have to re-pair the Sense.

  • Krissi
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    Thanks! I'll try that, however the issue is that the Sense seems to be in a mode where it cannot be paired?

  • Krissi
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    So.... I've tried again, with reset and Factory reset. Still no luck.

    The issue is that Sense wants to update as soon as I start to configure the network. It will download and update, and it takes long time. It comes to where Sense should restart, and finally Sense is stuck on the Updating symbol. Then the app reports that the update is not successful, and that I need to reset Sense. Which I've done now several times without success. Hope someone from F-Secure can help. Using the android app. Have also tried to delete data in the app. No help.

  • F6
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    Take a look at

    I had the same problem: seems that the Internet line isn't faulty. Only solution: try, reset, try again, reset again, ...

    Try only reset (RST), not factory reset (FF) (more than 15 seconds on the blue button)


    Seems that Android app is buggy, has low parameters. Why not at the level of the IOS one ? F-Secure seems not to know that there are 9x more Android devices than Apple !

    But it's not "hype", sure.

  • Krissi
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    Thank you! This is really frustrating, but I'll try another time when I have more patience. 😒
    It really shouldn't be like this!
  • FS_Simo
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    Apologies for your experience.


    When re-doing the setup it is important to reset both the app (by clearing the app data) AND the router device. Whenever an application is paired, the pairing is unique and if it is lost, it is necessary to start over.


    Please let us know which Android phone / OS version you use for setting up, the make and model of your router in front of SENSE,  the ISP providing your connection and the type/speed of your connection (dsl, cable, 4G etc.). This helps us understand your scenario a bit further and hopefully solve it for the future.


    There is a way to have the router update its firmware prior to running the setup by connecting it with a cable to a working internet connection and that way allow skipping the update during the setup procedure.  I will post instructions for this soon, hopefully that helps people that have environments we have not been able to test / predict during development.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • FS_Simo
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    SENSE router can update itself prior to running setup if it is connected via CABLE to a working internet connection. If there are problems finishing the setup using the factory firmware, it is possible to have SENSE update the firmware prior to running the setup. This allows running the setup using the latest firmware with all available fixes and bypass the firmware update part of the setup process in the application.


    1. Check that the internet connection on your existing router works through a cable
    2. Plug the cable between the existing router LAN port and the blue WAN port on SENSE
    3. Reset SENSE
      1. if SENSE is has booted and running normally, hold reset button 15+ seconds and release, rSt shows on screen and device reboots
      2. if SENSE is malfunctioning, hold reset button while powering on until you see FF, the factory restore process may take 5-10 minutes. Please wait.
    4. After a succesful reset you'll see the pulsing squares
    5. After approximately 2 minutes, SENSE tries connecting to F-Secure update servers
    6. SENSE downloads an update, this may take several minutes depending on your connection speed. There is no visible indicator for the user while this is happening.
    7. Upon successful download and signature verification, SENSE updates itself.
      1. The display will show the misaligned squares indicator for a few seconds and then SENSE router reboots.
    8. Upon successful reboot the device shows the pulsing squares again and you can start the setup normally


  • Eske
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    Had the same expirience.
    Had to reset app and device and start over. Then it worked.
    Setup process was not painless tough.

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