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I recieved my SENSE earlier this week and been fiddling around to get it in to my network setup. Setup was easy and fast and the SENSE network seems to be working real good directly patched in to the fiber socket. But I'm wondering what SENSE actually block..?


Before the SENSE I had a Synology RT1900 setup with a OpenVPN connection to a VPN provider in Sweden to get my desired streaming content with the possibility to chromecast it too. But when I place this router in the SENSE network it's unable to establish a connection with OpenVPN. I'm figuring this is a security feature, but this would probably block perfectly legitimate VPN usage too (such as work from home etc).


Are there any plans to enable control of allowing certain deviced to establish VPN connections from the SENSE network. Or will we just have to hold our breath until Freedome in SENSE is implemented? (Which still renders the router pretty useless for people working from home)



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    I also have the same problem, with Asus RTSC56U and OpenVPN, not able to see my IP cams or NAS. No iOS devices, so I cannot even forward the ports. While it's holiday season, I am hoping F will soon update Android.

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    Hi johanwestling,


    I forwarded your post to our SENSE team . Our VPN solution will come at some point but the Port forwarding for Android will come soon (as it was suggested, yes, the holiday seasons does have an impact on the schedule).

    We hope that it will alleviate the problem.

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