Accessing router outside the SENSE-network

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The SENSE-app informs that SENSE router cannot be reached when opening the app outside the SENSE-network (wlan). Is it so that current protection status of the network can only be viewed and changes to the network/protection settings made when connected by wlan to the SENSE-network? I have possible double-NAT situation at home, so I was wondering if this is somehow related that the SENSE-router cannot be reached. 


Thank you for your hard work developing this system. Even if not all the features are ready, it looks promising.


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    Yes that is correct, at the moment it is required to connect to SENSE directly in order to change any settings.


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    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

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    Thank you for the reply. As a follow-up question, is remote access to SENSE-router via the application in development or to-do list? At least, as a suggestion,  it would be helpful to get some sort of push-up notices to phone, if something weird happens in the SENSE-router or network.

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