F Secure Sense in set-up with modem and wifi router

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Hi everyone, after a long wait I have now finally received my F Secure Sense ... but after unboxing I noticed that obviously back then when I ordered the device I had misunderstood one point: I was not aware that the F Secure Sense also serves as a secure WiFi router. So my original assumption around the set-up seems to not be accurate. I was expecting to build this set-up:


Modem (via my ISP) -> cable connection to F Secure Sense -> cable connection to WiFi router


All devices in household connect - as before to WiFi of my WiFi router, but are now protected by the F Secure Sense Firewall


However knowing now that the F Secure Sense is intended to be used as a WiFi router itself (and from the description only protects devices that are directly connected to its own WiFi) I am wondering:

  1.  Does having the F Secure Sense render my existing WiFi router useless?
  2. If no - what would a sensible set-up look like? Would e.g. my "original" idea of modem - sense - wifi router still work?
  3. If yes - what would happen if I went for a set-up of modem - sense and using the Sense's WiFi, but install my former WiFi router at some other place of my home as a repeater - would in that case the full protection still be guaranteed? (my assumption is yes it would, but prefer to doublecheck)


Your help and thoughts are very much appreciated. I have tried F Secure Phone Support already twice, but they couldn't help...


Thanks in advance.



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    riodante Posts: 3 Observer

    Thanks. With a little manual work and some additional research I have now managed to set up - as suggested - Sense as my main WiFi router and my former WiFi router as an extender on another floor (connected via Ethernet to Sense). So far, all seems to work fine.


    Should any issues occor I will update this thread.



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