F-Secure Key subscription not working on Windows devices

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Things look OK (KEY PREMIUM) in my Android device but not in my Windows devices. I thought my subscription had ended and bought a new one today (probably a mistake).

I entered the voucher code into Win 10 app and everything was fine for a few minutes. I was able to connect Win 10 with my Android device once but connection to Win 8.1 didn't work out.


After a while Win 10 app is back in free mode (KEY FREE - Subscribe now!) and I'm not able to sync data between any of these devices.

If I create a sync code in Android app and enter it into Win 8.1 / Win 10 app, clicking Connect for the first time doesn't do anything. On a second try it says: "Could not connect to the server. Check your Internet connection and syncronization code"

I checked my anti-virus settings on both Windows machines and added the address https://avain.f-secure.com into trusted sites. Outbound and inbound traffic is also allowed for F-Secure Key in application control.


App versions:
Win 8.1 - 4.5.116
Win 10 - 4.5.107
Android - 4.6.0


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    I'll add some info after reviewing the System information.


    Win 8.1:


    Version: 4.5.116
    Beta: false
    User ID: xxxx
    Device ID: xxxx
    Purchase date: 2017-06-28T07:59:26.000Z
    Verification date: 2017-06-28T12:55:51.500Z
    Remaining subscription (days): 16154359
    Total subscription length: 16154359
    Valid until: +046246-08-16T07:59:26.000Z
    Product: key.voucher
    Redeem: xxxx
    Recovery created: true
    Password collection revision: 7541481


    Win 10:


    Version: 4.5.107
    Beta: false
    User ID: xxxx
    Device ID: xxxx
    Purchase date: 2017-06-28T07:59:26.000Z
    Verification date: 2017-06-28T13:39:58.652Z
    Remaining subscription (days): 16154359
    Total subscription length: 16154359
    Valid until: +046246-08-16T07:59:26.000Z
    Product: key.voucher
    Redeem: xxxx
    Recovery created: true
    Password collection revision: 7541481




    Version:  4.6.0

    OS version:  7.0

    Device model:  Sony E5823

    User ID:  xxxx

    Device ID: xxxx

    Password collection revision:  7541481

    Purchase date:  46242-07-20T21:28:17Z

    Verification date:  2017-06-28T07:21:43Z

    Remaining subscription (days):  16153243

    Total subscription length (days):  12

    Valid until:  46243-07-26

    Recovery created:  true

    Product:  fsecure.key.12_month.continuous


    Last sync:  2017-06-28T13:48:14Z

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    Looks like my passwords are in sync after all but there's still something weird going on with my windows apps and subscriptions.


    Both Windows apps have this KEY FREE Subscribe now! text and Connect devices only shows the option to enter sync code with a Connect button and Subscribe to KEY PREMIUM button.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also just F-Secure user.


    I think will be good if you edited/removed your reply with "system information" (since there can be your own critical data);


    And - except some potential suggestions - I think that you able try to use direct F-Secure Support Channels:



    Generally - it will be useful and helpful for:


    --> re-check status of your subscription (active or not);

    --> re-change/re-fund your wrong subscription if it required;



  • Ukko
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    And what about general suggestions (as additional to my previous^ reply):


    --> You noted that your Windows 10 with F-Secure Key 4.5.107 - but latest available build (and under your Windows 8.1) is F-Secure Key 4.5.116;

    Maybe you able to update Key under Windows 10 machine?! And re-check - if there anyway will be trouble between devices;


    --> Your description sounds as there can be something wrong... and probably it possible handling only by official Support; Since there "broken premium-context" (even your critical data system information looks as there all OK?!);

    Also - I able to think - that maybe there preventing/blocking under Android device (if you have there any security solutions, which also able to prevent some connections); Or since you noted that later all synced... maybe there just time-delay;


    --> Maybe you able to re-try and re-check next meanings for Windows systems:


    ---- create something as "backup" for your entries/passwords by:

    -> Export-feature under device, where all passwords available and up-to-dated;

    -> Re-check that your subscription/voucher/license-key is known for you (if you have two meanings there: Android-premium which was there always; and fresh - which you bought recently);

    -> Do not touch Android-installation;


    ---- then uninstall F-Secure Key from Windows systems (and uninstall "F-Secure Key: User Data") by Windows Control Panel - Install/Uninstall software;


    ---- install on both Windows machines latest F-Secure Key Build:



    ---- and re-check if there possible to sync-device with your Android-premium. And what result there will be.


    Anyway... maybe there required to get response from F-Secure Support Channels about this. Or there will be proper responses later. It was just my own suggestions as potential tries to re-check situation;



  • sampmikk
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    I re-installed F-Secure Key in Windows devices (removed user data also) and was able to connect both devices with my Android.


    Windows apps are still in free mode (KEY FREE Subscribe now!) so no change to this behavior. I'll have to see if syncing works also in the future or just this one time.


    Too bad there's no information on the latest sync in Windows apps like there is in Android and IOS.


    I guess I'll have to try contact F-Secure support about the subscriptions by some other way.


    Thanks for your advice! 

  • Ukko
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    @sampmikk wrote:

    Too bad there's no information on the latest sync in Windows apps like there is in Android and IOS.


    I guess I'll have to try contact F-Secure support about the subscriptions by some other way.


    Thanks for your advice! 


    There should be ability to check latest sync with Windows applications. Probably with next steps:


    -> F-Secure Key Main UI;

    -> Switch to "Help"-tab (under left-menu-panel of UI);

    -> Under "About"-part of Help there should be string like "Sync now"

    -> When you choose it - there can be certain page for sync information (latest date and ability "manually" trigger sync);


    Does it available with your experience?


    But since there strange situation with "premium"-status under Windows devices (and there was other topics about such situations) - there anyway required proper investigation with Support directly.



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