Is the F-Secure SENSE able to intercept ransomware attacks?

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I wonder if the F-Secure SENSE technology is able to stop ransomware attacks

If yes, it would be a premium value added services and it is nice to know that an attack has been knocked off and reported

If  no, why not?

I am aware that only systems which are not up to latest patch level are vulnerable for ransomware attacks


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    Thanks for this question, hopefully i'm able to shed light on the overall security model of SENSE.


    F-Secure SENSE is a combination of a secure router and a security application and cloud services.


    SENSE is a hardened router with added features that help protect IoT devices, where installing separate security applications is not possible, from network based attacks. It also provides extra layer of protection for certain attack vectors for all devices in your network.


    However the SENSE router alone does not cover all possible attack vectors for complex personal computing devices. In order to ensure your computer is fully protected for malware, it is necessary to install the security application that will protect your computer from malicious programs.


    Together the SENSE router and the security application provide a comprehensive protection for your devices, also from ransomware.


    If you have not installed the SENSE client for Windows, you can access the SENSE landing page through http://sense.router and download it from there.


    We are currently hard at work bringing support for OSX security application in a future update. We also continue to develop and update the SENSE router with more capabilities as time goes by.


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    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

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    Hi aadmun,


    We already have a discussion about SENSE and Ransomware here. Please have a look.

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    Sorry for my reply under this topic.


    I think that there is small difference between ransomware or other malware; Except points - that for ransomware there available multiple-certain-specific 'layers' to prevent/block/detect it;


    And with general meanings that only if it "known" (or "potentially known") for F-Secure - it will be "intercepted";


    But more interesting - does F-Secure SENSE will be with something as detection/interception for exploiting valid software/channels/services and attacks by this (?!); Since all of descriptions (which I read about SENSE) smoothly promote this potential design - but does it possible with F-Secure SENSE (or useful)?


    Also - does there will be more attention for F-Secure SENSE infrastructure by F-Secure teams (since it can be more "visible" for potential rogue-hacks)?;



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