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Could you please tell me how i can set the hour on my sense.

There is missing 3h on it.


I switched off / switched on , no change

Thank you


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    SENSE will automatically update the time when it connects to the internet. If it is off by exactly 3 hours, it sounds like the timezone is not set correctly in your circumstances.


    SENSE uses the time zone configuration of the device that was used for setup and unfortunately at this time it's not possible to adjust it from the application. Until we implement a configuration option for the timezone,  the only way to fix this issue is to ensure the device you use for setup is set to correct date / time and timezone, reset the SENSE device / application and run the setup again. This should fix the issue for you.


    We understand this is not ideal and adjusting the timezone in the application is definitely on our list of things to implement.


    Can you please provide us with details of the phone and OS version of the device you used for setup?


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

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