F-Secure Sense IOS app not working on iPad Pro

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As soon as the app is installed on an iPad Pro, it shows the intro screens on the top 70% of the screen. There is no way to start the installation instructions or see any other management screen. The iPad-Pro does shows up as device in the F-Secure Sense app of an iPhone, so it recognised the app as installed.

Update of the IOS F-Secure Sense app is requested.



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    I had the same issue with my iPad Air when I initially started the SENSE app with the iPad turned in landscape. I then quit the app by swiping it away from the list of open apps, turned the iPad in portrait and started the SENSE app again. Then everything worked. Try that with your iPad Pro.

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    Thanks a lot for reporting this, there seems to be a layout bug which can occur in iPads that are locked to landscape orientation. Check your iPad settings to make sure your layout is not locked to landscape, the application should run properly in portrait.


    We have a fix going out to app store review, but hopefully this workaround helps in the meanwhile.


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

  • aadmun
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    Ozone, Simo,


    Thanks for the tip, its a good workaround.


    The iPad is not locked in landscape mode. If you start the app with the iPad holding in landscape it fails.

    If you have the iPad in portrait and then start the app it is ok.


  • Ozone
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    Same here, I didn't have the iPad locked in landscape. It was just turned that way when launching the app the first time.

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