Display of temperature?

In very early product presentations of SENSE there was a temperature display shown on sense. Was is discontinued during the development process?



  • Jusu
    Jusu Posts: 10 Former F-Secure Employee

    We indeed had the temperature in early marketing material. We have not given up on the hope of getting temperature readings to the display, but currently our priority is in looking at other ways of providing useful information in the display for the users.


    Anyone reading this: Feel free to post here ideas of things you'd like to see on Sense display.

  • F6
    F6 Posts: 53

    Bandwidth consumption ?

    Helsinki time ?  :)

    Alert in case of problem ?

  • leppenraub
    leppenraub Posts: 14

    -> Number of devices protected vs. currently connected?

    -> Number of connections?

    In any case: User customizable Smiley Wink

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