FSSS-11.01.157 installation

Every time I installed this version (fsss-11.01.157) for server security in windows server 2016 is always going blue screen and need to reformat again the desired server. Kindly help me with this. Thank you., 


  • james26318
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    We have license until 28-Oct-2018, previously we are using fsss-11.01.157 but the said subject (fsss-12.01.103) is not working - the status messages is: The launcher service has reported an error, the specified keycode has expired.  

  • Simon
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    Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the business products.  If you get no further response on here, then I suggest you Contact Support by Phone or Chat.

  • Ben
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    Hello James26318, 


    You will  need to contact your reseller(or F-Secure ) in order to get the correct license keys to use on versions 12.X. 


    To get those you can simply ask to receive an updated license certificate. 

  • james26318
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    Thank you.. ('',)

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