Latest critical updates for Win 10 causes BSOD / INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE



 We are having problems with couple of customers using Software Updater (both on Client Security Premium and on PSB). After the recent updates computers become inaccessible. INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. Have tried all the tricks in the book but seems like the only solution would be reinstall the whole computer. Any of you have had the similar issues recently or a few solving tips? I contacted the support to open a ticket as well. My guess is that its related to this update - 


  • We have the same problem.


    We need a solution please. 10% of our PCs got this problem. we had to reinstall them.


    thx in advance.

  • MHeiMHei Posts: 4

    We have same problem too. Today multiple computers failed to boot with same error. All the computers were updated to Creators Update. I have made SR to F-Secure about this issue.

  • MarekRMarekR Posts: 3
    Thanks! Got at least one computer to System Restore with this. Can now suggest others to try this aswell.
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    Thank you! This works for restoring computer to latest Restore Point.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi all,


    We just added the following article regarding this problem.

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    Dear Ben,


    Considering the centrally cloud-controlled nature of FSAV PSB, would it be possible to temporarily banish Windows 10 computers from using the "Software Updater" functionality, so they cannot hurt themselves while F-Secure and Ivanti-Shavlik staff are troubleshooting, fixing the underlying issue?


    Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely:

    Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    You can actually turn it off and thats whats suggested at the moment.

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    Good to see that suggestions are working and PC's are geting fixed. I'm tring to understand what has caused the issue at the first place and if F-Secure software updater is related to it at all. This dopic is seems to be up allready from the beginning of June . It seems to be related.




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    Good point, as I wrote earlier I have encountered this same problem couple of times earlier this year. I took these photos in May and as system restore shows it was Critical Windows update that messed up the computer. So perhaps it was not f-secure in this older case? Who knows.. But anyway the symptoms were exactly same. Windows version was build 1607




    So there might be multiple causes for this.. And just one of them might be F-Secure. I would also like to see what's the real reason behind this.

  • PTCPTC Posts: 3

    About 10 more computer today. Please, can this fix soon!

  • MHeiMHei Posts: 4



    I have also more defective computers after yesterdays updates! I tought this issue was fixed already...

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser



    F-Secure is on it already.

  • any updates of this issue ?

  • PTCPTC Posts: 3

    We have repaired whole morning new affected computers today. These were broken this morning. We need repair immediately for this to prevent BSOD computers.

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    We are also waiting for responses.

    Luckily each machine can be repaired without any data loss or reinstallaton, but there will be no automatic repair.


    The situation is as it was in the earlier incidents:
    uninstalling the stuck updates from recovery mode resolves the issue, but not the cause.



  • I got this too, again. Few months back I was able to remove the pending updates using DISM, fixing the issue. Not this time, now I get error 0x800F082F.


    Is there any way to fix this without reinstalling the devices?

  • PTCPTC Posts: 3

    Use system restore, it works mostly. But if not, threre is solution

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    I was able to recover using the DISM, certainly with the new files that are involved.
    I removed all files and patches that were "just" installed or in the queue, not only the pending ones.

    Try reverting more patches and updates always from the last.
    Maybe that helps.


  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    To prevent from this to happen my best advise today is as follows:

    As windowws updater in Windows 10 can not be turned off, not even temporary the only option that comes to my mind is to add an exclusion to SWUP "PRODUCT=Windows". This should leave any Windows related patch/update ignored. But make sure that Windows Updates is propperly working.


    I have not yet tested this and I am not sure if SWUP will continue to report on the excluded software, so that we at least know if something goes wrong. But it is much better than having locked systems and still better than "turn SWUP off".


  • Could I only disable windows 10 updates, I havent had any cases with windows 7 or 8.

    or does this problem include windows 7 and 8 to ?

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    AFAIK: Windows Vista & W10 are designed to not allow a user (even with administrative rights) to disbale Windows Update without tweaking (hints can be found in the web). Lots of other services rely on it. Some updates would not even work.


    But in the end we need a soulution, that works out of the box.

  • Hi

    Is this under investigation or do I need to create a own ticket about this same issue ?

    seems like nothing have happends in couple of weeks now.


    Think f-secure should concentrate on this issue when it´s a big problem for so many people, getting harder to convince f-secure customers why they should use f-secure when it messes up their computers time to time.

  • VadVad Posts: 1,069 F-Secure Employee

    Hello nobodyknows,


    We are now working on a fix for this issue with priority. Hopefully, it will be published in the channel soon, for all clients with Software Updater module.


    Best regards,


  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    Not precisely.
    It is not F-Secure messing up, but badly designed patches from MS. F-Secure is not in control when the problem is caused (MSI is), but OTOH SWUP initiated the installation.

    Discovering a potential dangerous situation is not easy, so avoiding it from the beginning is th only option. Only that MS/Windows insists on beeing the only master of updates is tricky and needs careful testing.


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