Connection model between PM - PM Console and Clients

Dear support team !

Do you have conection model of PM - PM console and Clients there ?

i have saw it before but can't find it now, this model show to us how PM and PM Console connect to Clients through default port 80 443 and 8080, i really need it now and hope you can share it if you have.


Thank you very much !

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    The dafault ports are:


    port 80: legacy connection from client to PM Server, un-encrypted


    port 443: modern connection from client to PM Server, strong encrypted. (I think it is also used for endpoint to public web F-Secure Cloud connections, when FSAV request reputation info on file checksums, web addresses, etc.)


    port 3306: connection between PM Server and MySQL (but only if that optional database is used instead of the built-in H2DB)


    port 8080: connection between PM Server and PM Console, encrypted


    port 8081: connection between PM Server and web browser for viewing the Web Reporting interface, encrypted I think


    port 12110: Neighbourcast transmit and receive for P2P-like database update propagation, endpoint-to-endpoint (only if NBC functionality is enabled)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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